Deborah DEARING, Urban Planner and designer, member of the Grand jury

Meet the jury’s members of the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht

A recognized leader in the field of urban planning and urban design

Deborah is a recognized leader in Australia with over 35 years’ international experience in urban design, architecture, planning, and property development in both Government and private organizations, including 25+ years in management, executive, and non-executive board roles.

As a member of The Greater Cities Commission, and its precursor the Great Sydney Commission from 2016 to 2023, she contributed to shape the economic, social, and environmental future of Sydney in direct liaison with the Minister for Planning and direct engagement with communities, stakeholders, Councilors and Mayors of the City as well as senior executives of State Government agencies. Her role was to ensure future planning responds to City-wide challenges and maximizes opportunities.

Deborah has also been involved in numerous competitions and awards processes, as Chair or Jury member. Those involving working harbours include Sydney’s Eastern Darling Harbour International Competition and the Colombo Port City International Competition. In 2018 she received the Australian Institute of Architects NSW, President’s Prize, for outstanding leadership and continuing contribution in improving the design quality of cities and communities

Since 2023, she is a non-executive Board member of the New South Wales Port Authority.

The challenges of operating port facilities in the center of a major city with residential and other activities in close proximity are very real. The ability of this nationally significant infrastructure to deliver high amenities and co-exist with modern standards of urban life is crucial to sustainability.

Deborah Dearing

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