Carola HEIN, co-chair of the Expert panel

Meet the jury’s members of the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht

A leading expert in the field of research on port cities

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carola Hein is Professor and Head of the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning at Delft University of Technology. She is the founding director of the PortCityFutures Center, which investigates the evolving spatial use and design of port city regions over time, in particular addressing when port and city activities occur in the same places and sometimes conflict.

Carola is also the Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair on Water, Ports and Historic Cities. The Chair aims to strengthen awareness of the socio-spatial interconnectedness of water and urban heritage and raise awareness of the role of historic water and port-related structures for sustainable development.

A specialist in port cities

She has published and lectured widely on topics in contemporary and historical architectural and urban planning and has been the author of several books and articles. The recently published Port City Atlas co-written with Yvonne van Mil and Lucija Azman-Momirski explores how mapping can help to better understand and ultimately design the relationships between sea and land and among port, city, and territories.

Among other grants, she received a Guggenheim Fellowship to pursue research on The Global Architecture of Oil and an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship to investigate large-scale urban transformation in Hamburg in an international context. She currently works on the transmission of planning ideas among port cities and within landscapes of oil and teaches seminars and studios on port city territories and living and working with water past, present, and future.

She teaches and lectures in port areas on subjects relating to living and working with water in the past, present, and future.

When AIVP’s President invited me to co-chair the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht, I straight away saw the initiative’s potential to accelerate the sustainable development of port cities all over the world. In my research and education work, I connect understanding of the past with future-oriented design. I am excited to see how the new Prize will help raise attention and spur new projects to improve port city development.

Carola Hein about the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht

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