Sébastien DUPRAY, Head of Risks, Waters, and Sea Technical Division at Cerema (France), member of the Expert panel

Meet the jury’s members of the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht

A specialist in natural risk management and adaptation to climate change

Sébastien Dupray was educated as a maritime, port, and waterways engineer from the French National School of Civil Works and obtained a Ph.D. in earth sciences and engineering from Imperial College London. He has been active in the fields of maritime engineering and applied geosciences for nearly 15 years, with international experience.

After graduating with a Master in the administration of public organizations from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, in 2011, Sébastien Dupray occupied several management positions within the French administration to tackle the challenges of industrial risk management, prevention of natural and coastal disasters, as well as preservation of water resources and climate change adaptation.

Sébastien has been actively involved in preparing and editing several state-of-the-art publications or standards in maritime, port, and coastal engineering. In 2021, Sébastien Dupray became the auditor of the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defense on Maritime and Naval Affairs. Sébastien is now Head of Risks, Waters, and Sea Technical Division at Cerema (France). As a member of the Expert panel, he will be taking a critical look at the solutions to climate challenges proposed by cities and port authorities as part of the development projects applying for the AIVP Prize Antoine Rufenacht.

Cerema: a recognized center of research, innovation and expertise

Cerema (which stands for Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility, and Urban Planning) is the major French public agency for developing public expertise in the fields of urban planning, regional cohesion, and ecological and energy transition for resilient and climate-neutral cities and regions.

Cerema is an active partner of AIVP. It is also the driving force behind the “Port of the Future” initiative, a hub for innovation, meetings, and exchanges, which aim is to bring together stakeholders involved in port activities to reflect on the issues and challenges facing sea and river ports, now and in the future.

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